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Do You Remember Lyrics
Do You Remember Lyrics

Overview Of “Do You Remember Lyrics”

Do You Remember Lyrics” is a well-known song that is created by Phil Collins. This Song was published in 2009 and received worldwide popularity in very short period of time. Overall this song is a collection of former love, former partner, the moments they spent together, and the location they visited together during relationship.

Do You Remember Lyrics

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Do You Remember Lyrics

“”We never talked about it,
But I hear the blame was mine,
I’d call you up to say I’m sorry,
But I wouldn’t wanna waste your time.””

“”Cause I love you, but I can’t take any more,
There’s a look I can’t describe in your eyes,
If we could try, like we tried before,
Would you keep on telling me those lies?,

(Telling me lies),
Do you remember?.””

(Do you remember….?)
Do you remember…..?
(Do you remember…..?)

“”There seemed no way to make up,
‘Cause it seemed your mind was set,
And the way you looked: it told me,
It’s a look I know I’ll never forget,””

“”You could’ve come over to my side,
You could’ve let me know,
You could’ve tried to see the distance between us,
But it seemed too far for you to go,””

(So far to go….)
Do you remember…..?
(Do you remember….?)
Ooh, do you remember…..?
(Do you remember….?)

“”Through all of my life,
In spite of all the pain,
You know how people are funny sometimes,
We just can’t wait to get hurt again,””

Tell me, do you remember…..?
(Do you remember…..?)

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“”There are things we won’t recall,
And feelings we’ll never find,
It’s taken so long to see it,
‘Cause we never seemed to have the time,””

“”There was always something,
more important to do,
More important to say,
But “I love you” wasn’t one of those things,
And now it’s too late,””

(Now it’s too late……)
Do you remember……..?
(Do you remember……?)
(Now it’s over…….)

(Do you remember……..?)
(Ooh it’s over…..)
Ooh, do you remember……..?
(Do you remember……?)
(Now it’s over…….)

(Do you remember……?)
(Ooh it’s over……….)
Tell me do you remember…….?

(Do you remember……?)
(Now it’s over……..)

Ooh, do you remember……?
(Do you remember……?)
(Ooh it’s over……)

“”Tell me now tell me now,
Tell me now tell me now,
Do you remember……?

(Do you remember…..?)
(Now it’s over…..)
Do you do you do you,
(Do you remember….?)
(Ooh it’s over…..)
Do you do you remember…….?

Do You Remember Lyrics

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Who wrote the song “Do You Remember”?

The song was written by Collins and produced by Collins and Hugh Padgham.

Was “Do You Remember” a commercial success?

Yes, the song was a hit and topped the charts in many countries.

Is “Do You Remember” still popular today?

Yes, the song remains popular and continues to be played on the radio and streaming services.

What is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Do You Remember”?

The song’s lyrics are about reminiscing and remembering a past relationship, recalling happy memories and moments shared with a former partner.

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